Dave and Stef ended up in California, in the Antelope valley, in the very easternmost end that is pretty much the Mojave desert, because that is where he got a job.  Stef established a studio and produced several paintings of various media, and created some truly spectacular wildlife photo collections. The desert house turned out to be an oasis of wildlife back dropped by vivid sunsets. But not long for California because they were off for Europe.
Stef remained in Florida until Summer 2002 when she and her son moved to Hawaii to live with David, who is today her husband. While in Hawaii Stefanie found representation with Sunshine Art Gallery in Kaneohe Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This is a superb art space with an excellent selection. It is exactly what you would hope to find when you walk into a Hawaiian art gallery.  The “Reflections” series, many Hawaii themed artworks, and some photography collections are based on her experiences during this time. They remained in Hawaii until 2009 when Vaughn graduated from high school and joined the army, and David retired from the US Navy.

In 1993 she began documenting her work. The “Golden Fish” was soon traded for dental work. She freelanced doing signs, logos, trade show displays, pet portraits, and commissions on whatever. She also painted conceptual pieces and occasionally showed her work in low key galleries or in art fairs. Mostly it was a time of skill building, though some exceptional works from that time still enjoy praise such as “Otters and White Tail Deer.” And “Costalot."


stef craig


Stef was born in Miami Florida in 1970.  She lived with both of her parents in rural South Florida in an old home with a big yard. She plans to publish several children’s books she has written and illustrated about her childhood home. She was always a talented artist, but she wanted to be a ballerina.  She was interested also in nature, science, and history. She read a great deal and was fortunate to have a mother who provided much enrichment without smothering demands for evidence of competitive performance. At nineteen, she went to live in Alaska with her brother. After a brief marriage, motherhood ensued, and there was no return to college. She did return to South Florida in 1992 with son Vaughn, who is now also an artist in his spare time. 
Over the 2013-2014 Holiday season they reestablished in Augusta Sicily. She currently lives and works in a villa on the cliffs by the Mediterranean Ocean. She is always readjusting and living the learning experience. Like a true Renaissance woman, she strives for excellence in the may things at which she endeavors. She still practices ballet, loves to garden and cook, and speaks German at a conversational level. She is in the process of learning Italian now of course.

Stef will close her California studio this summer. Look for good deals on art and supplies if you are in the market. See the page California Closeout Special. The plan is to keep exploring, shooting, and painting as much as possible. This is an artist that is always playing catch up with her concepts. A little dabbling in sculpture, charcoal works, and some very cool new boxes are planned. She cuts her own mats and sometimes offers framed pieces, especially when the frame is an integral part of the piece. New Acrylics, oils, watercolors, and photos to come are a given.  She has a new wide angle underwater camera she is eager to explore under the waves with.

Photos of Stef around the world

By Oktoberfest of 2011 they were living in the Bavaria, near Ingolstadt. Living in Central Europe afforded the opportunities to visit, many famous German cities and regions. They also visited Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other parts of the Czech Republic, Northern Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and France. From these adventures she produced impressive and interesting photo collections and numerous paintings of castles and other European scenery.


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